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Qiwk Reports 1On a daily basis, a large volume of meaningful data is fed into the PLM systems from various sources. Business decision makers are having hard time to manually extract business critical information from the PLM info systems in the form of excel reports or other means and create reports to get insights from this data to make right decisions in time. The reason for manual intervention is because the data model of the PLM systems are not report friendly thereby it becomes very challenging to perform analytic operations on the PLM system. Even if internal IT team decides to automate a report, their response time is too long and there is hardly any flexibility to change or manipulate the reported data.

To offset the above Acnovate developed a rapid analytics building solution ‘Qiwk® Reports’ that works in sync with various PLM applications and generate various forms of analytical reports…

Key Features

  • Export all the entities from PLM system in a de-normalized reporting data model.
  • Role based security. Access Security.
  • Seamless integration with PLM system and single sign on.
  • Cross-Seasonal reporting capabilities. FlexPLM’s line plan reports only on one season, Qiwk Reports has a cross – seasonal reporting capabilities so that you don’t have to manually generate a report for multiple season’s and merge them for comparison
  • Summary tables, cross tabs and group by reports
  • Over 25 out of the box report templates provided. These templates are derived from the most common reports needed from the PLM system
  • Reports specific to BOM, material usage, Forecasting, costing and sampling
  • Dashboard containing charts and graphs to give a bird’s eye view of information
  • Go Mobile - Generate and view the reports from mobile device
  • Generate reports with images and color chips
  • Report scheduling, email notifications, sorting and configurable filter criteria
  • Proven integration with Microstrategy and Business Objects.

Upcoming Features

  • Multi-dimensional analysis of seasonal information using ROLAP
  • Drill down charts and reports using multidimensional fact tables


  • About 70 – 80 % reduction in report development time and save cost
  • Better decision making
  • Utilize the staging area to interface data to other enterprise applications
  • Improve operational excellence

Key Components

  • Multithreaded ETL layer to export, transform and load data from PLM system to a PLM Data warehouse in near real time.
  • PLM Data warehouse supports integration with MSI, Business Objects, Tableu and other major business intelligence tools.
  • Report Designer to design reports on an ad-hoc basis by the “Business Users”.
  • Rich and interactive user interface and data export in excel, pdf and various other formats.

PLM Applications Supported

Qiwk reports is a platform agnostic reporting solution. Currently the tool is offered for PTC’s FlexPLM solution. Available on request for other PLM solutions including - Aras, Dassault Enovia PLM and Oracle Agile


Enterprise Ready: Tiered secure services oriented for scalability and security with connection to the PLM Server instance.

High Availability: Scaled for high availability, supports a load balanced environment.

Security: Device communication can be configured to use SSL. Authentication requires LDAP credentials, and registered devices. Secure viewing of attachment content and automatic deletion of contents on exit from App. Allows remote enabling and disabling of devices.

Environments: Windows Server, Linux, Apache/Tomcat, Windchill 9.x & Windchill 10.x.

Support: Maintenance agreement provides for all future releases on the product roadmap. 24 X 5 phone and email support.

Upcoming features

  • Edit functionality for documents, assemblies, components and change objects.
  • Support for additional business objects.
  • Support for pre-existing customizations.