Bill of Material (BOM) Assessment

Acnovate offers end-to-end bill of material assessment and electronic design services for compliance with health and environmental regulations, laws and standards. We perform the required data gathering, assessment, electronic design, and provide replacement options where possible to meet the legal requirements and goals of our customers.

Our Bill of Material (BoM) assessment services include,

 BOM Management

  • Supplier confirmation on compliance of all components
  • Substitute components for all non-compliant/EOL components
  • Date of availability for all substitute components
  • HTML interface for all components (graphical and raw data)
  • Viewing of compliance by product
  • Data delivered in flat (FBOM) file format of client's choice
  • Purchasable BOM
  • Issue tracking and overall Project Management

Full Data Gathering

  • Gathering and review of a wide range of material, process, and procurement information for every component
  • Material declaration for all components for Joint Industry Guide Level A and Level B materials
  • Process and interconnect related information
  • Inventory information
  • Historical compliance information