REACH Compliance

The European Union’s complex REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and Restriction of Chemicals - 1907/2006/EC) Regulation was implemented to control the use of hazardous substances in the EU market to protect human health and the environment.

Our REACH Compliance services include,


  • Developing a comprehensive strategy to achieve REACH Compliance
  • Assessing the current compliance processes in place and providing recommendations on changes/improvements required
  • Assists clients in developing an internal road map and schedule for attaining REACH Compliance
  • Providing customized Impact Analysis reports, specific to each client's industry and product range, which would give the executive management team an understanding of the impact of REACH on their business

  Data Collection and Reporting

  • Collecting & tracking material/chemical information of the components in each product
  • Reporting data in customer specific and industry standard templates

REACH Business Process Impact Analysis

  • Analysis and re-engineering of internal business processes that need to be created or are affected by REACH
  • Change Management

REACH Compliance Support

  • Registration Dossier Preparation (in IUCLID 5.x)
  • Testing Strategies
  • Chemical Safety Reports
  • Exposure Scenarios Creation
  • Evaluation and Authorization/Restriction