PLM – Engineering

Our PLM Engineering Service Offerings include:

PLM Engg 1

Business Consulting and Transformation

  • PLM strategy and implementation roadmap
  • Cost benefit analysis and ROI calculation
  • Business process harmonization and re-engineering
  • Benchmarking, product vendor selection
  • Gap analysis and solution architecting


  • Project Scoping
  • Proof of Concepts/Prototyping
  • Requirements Capture/Analysis
  • System Design/Modeling
  • Development Testing
  • Deployment
  • Training
  • Post production support
  • Support & helpdesk

 Upgrades and Migration

  • Application migration
  • Data migration
  • Product migration
  • Version upgrades

 Development and Customization

  • PDM process connectors
  • API and toolkit development
  • Workflows, Document management
  • Imaging, Bills and configuration management
  • Knowledge retrieval, Custom integration

 Enterprise System Integration

  • PLM to CAD, ECAD, ERP (Bi-directional integration)
  • PLM to CRM, project planning tools, environmental compliance modules
  • Legacy system integration to PLM
  • Mobile enablement of PLM applications

 Application Management Services

  • Production support
  • Helpdesk (L1/L2/L3 support)
  • Enhancements (Functionality & Hardware) through change mechanism
  • Applying software updates
  • Bug fixing
  • Testing and Deployment
  • Performance testing and tuning
  • Performance testing for Application/Database/WebServer/Servlet Engine/Operating System and Networking
  • Statistical analysis of performance and reporting