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Qiwk AnalyticsHave we realized PLM’s significant influence on ERP, SCM and CRM business processes and its inherent value as the most fundamental business application in production/manufacturing industry?

Is the huge amount of data generated over PLM systems used to produce significant insight for better decision making by principal business users? For years, why PLM systems’ contribution is ignored in the balance sheets?

Why most of the Companies’ CFOs could not visualize the benefit of PLM system and its ROI? Maybe due to lack of inventive tools to measure activities and visualize ‘how product quality and time to market results in great cost savings’, PLM’s capabilities are seen as solution to simplify engineering operations only.

The recent development of cost effective informative ‘reporting and analytics’ tools provide answers to above questions. These tools support ‘measure key performance metrics and analyze large volumes of PLM data’ derived from all operations and entities that drive processes throughout the product lifecycle; Connect seamlessly to other enterprise applications and help businesses take more informed product investment decisions.


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