Qiwk Mobile

Qiwk MobileAcnovate, having observed the recent developments in mobile technology and its infrastructure’s great influence on the Enterprise Product Development space, thoroughly conducted research on the revolutionary effects of Mobile/Tablet on the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), that includes, the principle decision making activities in Change Management (CM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and so on. Acnovate’s “Extended PLM Mobile Solutions” enable line of business users across PLM environment to be productive anywhere, anytime by keeping the workforce connected and empowered to make decisions, perform actions, and stay informed resulting in an overall reduced time to market and increased productivity.The team at Acnovate has created mobile access to PLM solutions with vast personal additions to meet individual client needs, it is no wonder why it is considered ‘my’ app to have.

Qiwk [Pronounced Quick] Mobile enables your workforce to seamlessly connect to your PLM environment on the go anytime and anywhere, whether out on the manufacturing location in Asia on the shop floor or while at a customer location. When critical decisions can't wait for you to return to your desk, Qiwk Mobile makes sure that your decisions reach your team in time.

Qiwk Mobile is mobility solution that enables individuals to quickly search, view and interact with product and process workflow information on the go. By giving instant access to the right product information, at the right time, from anywhere in the world. Qiwk Mobile users can access critical data while maintaining security, and can control key PLM information from the touch of a mobile device.

Qiwk Mobile is a B2B enterprise solution for PLM (Product Lifecycle Management). It is applicable to both Soft goods and hard goods retailers. Such as Footwear and apparel industries as well has retailers like Ikea, Walmart or Home Depot. These companies already have a PLM solution in place such as PTC’s FlexPLM. But the existing PLM solutions lack mobility, or they are in the process of providing mobile extensions. Qiwk Mobile is one such mobile extension to a PLM solution.

Mobile PLM Solution for Engineering Industry

Mobile PLM Solution for Retail and Fashion Industry


  • Real time access to information from PLM system on the go
  • Reduce latency and improve decision making
  • Better collaboration
  • Never miss an inspiration using the instant image upload feature
  • Improve operational excellence

Mobile Platforms

Qiwk mobile is a platform agnostic mobile solution keeping in mind the needs of enterprises to allow its users to use mobile devices of their choice. Qiwk Mobile app is an interactive, patent-pending mobile solution that helps in meeting deadlines and speeding up the cycle time that improves product capability. Currently the application is offered only in iOS platform and can be built and deployed on Android and Windows Mobile and Tablets on a need basis.