Acnovate provides various Mobile and Data Analytics extended tools & solutions in the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) area.


Qiwk® Mobile

Acnovate, having observed the recent developments in mobile technology and its infrastructure’s great influence on the Enterprise Product Development space, thoroughly conducted research on the revolutionary effects of Mobile/Tablet on the Product Lifecycle Management (PLM), that includes, the principle decision making activities in Change Management (CM), Supply Chain Management (SCM) and so on. Acnovate’s “Extended PLM Mobile Solutions” enable line of business users across PLM environment to be productive anywhere, anytime by keeping the workforce connected and empowered to make decisions, perform actions, and stay informed resulting in an overall reduced time to market and increased productivity.

Acnovate’s Qiwk® (Pronounced Quick) Mobile enables your workforce to seamlessly connect to your PLM environment on the go anytime and anywhere. It is a mobility solution that enables individuals to quickly search, view and interact with product and process workflow information on the go. Qiwk Mobile is a B2B enterprise solution for Product Lifecycle Management (PLM).

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Qiwk® Analytics

On a daily basis, a large volume of meaningful data is fed into the PLM systems from various sources. Business decision makers are having hard time to manually extract business critical information from the PLM info systems in the form of excel reports or other means and create reports to get insights from this data to make right decisions in time. The reason for manual intervention is because the data model of the PLM systems are not report friendly thereby it becomes very challenging to perform analytic operations on the PLM system. Even if internal IT team decides to automate a report, their response time is too long and there is hardly any flexibility to change or manipulate the reported data. To offset the above Acnovate developed a rapid analytics building solution ‘Qiwk® Reports’ that works in sync with various PLM applications and generate various forms of analytical reports…

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Qiwk® Collaborator

Reduce offline communication between product development teams by capturing discussions and comments within the PLM system. Boost collaboration with responsive UI and one-click reply even directly from your mobile device.

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