Connecting your business to the Training/Knowledge building Solutions you need…

To enable you to "Transform the Technology", Acnovate provides customized training programs in Agile PLM modules that can transform the process of educating your staff. All of our learning solutions are completely scalable, providing tools that can assess and address the training needs of a single user or the diverse requirements of an entire enterprise and our customization services can capture and integrate your business processes and tribal knowledge into a coherent education program. Our Group of highly skilled, certified, Implementation Specialist brings in excellent Industry expertise and Best Practices. Our corporate training programs combine the latest best practices and industry specific case studies with practical interactive delivery style. All this offers you a learning experience that is convenient, time-sensitive and budget-friendly.

Acnovate helps you determine your organization / individual goals and develop a plan through 3 day pre hire training needs assessment program to understand the level of training requirements / needs., that includes,
1. Surveys and interviews to determine users’ needs and pain points.
2. Customized training for new recruits based on the specific industry requirement to the needs of the business.

Our primary aim is to develop your employees’ professional competency levels within the organization, so they are geared-up to enhance & address business effectively. To ensure the success of your Agile PLM implementation we offer,

  • A range of training and educational options for individuals and organizations.
  • Programs that can help you improve productivity, enhance skills and drive business optimization.
  • Lectures, exercises and labs to prepare users, administrators and developers to use Agile PLM.
  • Functional and Business process, Industry specific solution, best practices, lessons learnt, Workshops and more.
  • Training the trainer programs.

End-to-End next-generation Training/Knowledge building solutions

eBusiness Solution

eBusiness Solution brings the instructor-led course curriculum and Agile PLM Software-certified instructors to you - how, where, and when you need them. With several students to train, you save on travel time and the associated costs.

Custom Solution

At no extra cost, eBusiness Solution can be tailored to include specialized mix of topics from our standard classes to help address specific training objectives.
We can even develop custom-courseware (at a negotiated fee) to fit your company’s specific products, processes, and people to ensure immediate productivity gains.

Web Solution

Virtual online class room led by a certified Agile PLM instructor for application demonstration. It also includes Hands-on practice activities and real-time troubleshooting.


Oracle Agile 9.3.2 PLM Training Landscape

PAM - Product Administration Management
PCM - Product Cost Management: Manage Product Cost and sourcing
PGnC- Product Governance & Compliance: Manage material compliance declarations and specifications.
PPM - Product Portfolio Management: Manage projects, schedules, tasks, project cost, resources etc.
PQM -Product Quality Management: Manage projects, schedules, tasks, project cost, and resources
PC -Product Collaboration: Manage Parts, Documents, BOM, Changes, AML, Mfr, Supplier 


Types of Training

  1. CRP Training
  2. Agile Workshops
  3. Role Based Training
  4. End User Training
  5. Super User Training
  6. UAT Training

Performance Accelerator Program

  • Identify existing proficiency levels of your team on agile PLM skills
  • Improve the productivity of users through continuous training & assessment programs
  • Increase return on investment from your PLM/CAD deployment
  • Educate and promote users to adopt best practices and apply the same
  • Maintain a repository of skill matrix for accelerated and optimal resource allocation
  • Skill banding to aid in your internal appraisal system
  • Continuous skill enhancement process

Our Differentiators & Drivers

  • We help organizations train their employees and help you reach your training goals easily and efficiently
  • Our corporate training programs combine the latest best practices and industry specific case studies with practical interactive delivery style
  • Our versatile course schedule, mentoring technics and asynchronous collaboration helps drive user adoption
  • Our primary aim is to develop professional competency levels within the organization to address business challenges in the dynamic environment
  • When you outsource your training needs to Acnovate, you have one less thing to worry about.
  • All this offers you a learning experience that is convenient, time sensitive, and budget friendly

Key Take Away

  • It is vitally important to train all of your staff on the “why” and “what, “as much as the “how.”
  • Instructor-led training has a place in almost every program, but it should not be considered the only option.
  • Facilitated workshops are the best way to get the most out of classroom training.
  • At Acnovate, we have the experience and breadth of capability to guide you on your PLM journey.